9 December 2015

Travelling Gypsy Life Entry 45

Well well well, this could be the end of Travelling Gypsy Life as we know it.

Last Thursday I stepped back into the UK from a year’s long trip around Asia, Australia and New Zealand and now I’m back for good :( It’s time to stop the long backpacking trips and get a real job and attempt to join society. Even though the travelling will never stop, because as soon as I get a job I’ll be looking at my next holiday destinations, which I’m thinking will be Iceland, Cuba and the U.S, but for now I’m in job search and gym mode.

Buttttt, a lot has still happened since my last Travelling Gypsy Life post. I drove to my last destination on the south island in New Zealand, Christchurch. I was told to avoid Christchurch as there isn’t too much there, especially because of the major earthquakes which happened five years, but overall I’m really glad I did visit the city. I mainly went there to sell my car, which was good and successfully sold in just three days! I then pretty much hung around Christchurch for a few weeks to see the sights and basically eat a lot of icecream. The city was ok overall and as people warned me, there isn’t too much to do. However, it’s interesting to see how the earthquakes have damaged this city so much, even five years after they have happened!

After my long stint in Christchurch, I hopped back on a plane and went to my original destination Auckland to see my bff, and mainly because that’s where my flight home left from. Didn’t too much in Auckland in my last few days expect buy gifts for people, update my iPod for the plane and drink a lot of gin. I went to a Christmas concert with Liv which felt really weird as I donned shorts and t-shirts, kids were running around high on icecream and it was really sunny and hot, so it just didn’t feel like Christmas at all. I also spent some time strolling around the city and its outskirts and just enjoying the beaut that is New Zealand.

And then I had a 36 hour journey back to the UK and here I am now. So far I’ve spent my time sorting out my life, room etc. I’ve joined a gym because I’ve eaten way too much during my last few weeks in New Zealand. I’m also looking at ballet classes, checking out the couchsurfing socials in Leeds and lastly, I’m challenging myself by doing dry December. Six days sober so far and tis tough. I’m spending my sober weekend in Birmingham at the end of the week, so we’ll see how that goes at the German Christmas market…

This may be the end of Travelling Gypsy Life for now, but the blog posts will keep on coming as the travelling will never stop.

So just peace out for a bit, but not forever x

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  1. Its good to hear that your home safe and sound, but sad that we never caught up in Oz. I was so looking forward to exchanging flags with you.... maybe another time.... good luck job hunting....

    OzSunLover.... (whhardie@gmail.com)



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