18 November 2015

Travelling Gypsy Life Entry 44

Two weeks today my travelling gypsy life will be over and I'll finally be heading back to the homeland and attempting to carry out real life. The last three years has been a whirlwind of adventures, hangovers, meeting a ton of amazing people and experiencing a shit load of stuff. But for now I'll just do an update of the end part of my road trip and time in New Zealand.

After I left Liv in Lake Tekapo, I headed down the east coast and couchsurfed along the way with some amazing people in Timaru and Oamaru. Really can't believe the hospitality and generosity of people in this country as every host I've had has been incredible! The babes in these two towns cooked for, gave me wine, made me breakfast and generally were just incredible.

After my couchsurfing stints, I did a Helpx in Dunedin which was pretty average and ridiculously cold! This country is yet to warm up even though it is summer. Dunedin didn't appeal to me that much so I then drove down to an incredible place called The Catlins. The Catlins basically covers the south area of the south island and you can see penguins, dolphins and seals, and visit beaches, lighthouse, waterfalls etc etc. This place is often overlooked by most backpackers as it is a bit off the typical route, but I'd really recommend it! I camped in my car for the first time and it was freezing, so I'm glad I only had to do it twice.

Once I thawed out and left The Catlins, I did a Helpx stint near Milford Sound, which is probably one of my favourite places in New Zealand so far. Milford Sound isn't actually a sound, but a fjord and I did a cruise between the fjords, and my pictures really don't do this beaut justice.

Helpxing in this area was pretty sweet and there were some other backpackers there which was awesome. But then I headed further north to Queenstown and went to a place called Glenorchy, mainly for all of the Lord of the Ring filmings... but it was a sweet drive all the same.

I couchsurfed in Queenstown and got way too drunk, and I was way too hungover the next day and hated on life. This has led me to consider doing dry December because I'm so sick of being hungover and wasting days, especially when I'm travelling. But anywhooooooo. I'm now in Christchurch and I came over here to sell my car and managed to do it in just three days, so success! Not really done a lot since being in Christchurch, but I'm doing a Helpx with a great couple and the food is amazing and the wifi is fast so I'm a happy camper.

I have just a few more days here then heading to Auckland and the Northland to see my homegirl and do some scuba diving and them I'M HOME! If anyone wants to find a well paid job at home that involves minimum effort, then go ahead and apply for it for me.
FANX in advance.

Peace out x

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