2018 Travel Resolutions

Another year, another list of travel resolutions. A bit more difficult when you have just bought a house and it needs a ridiculous amount of money and work... But don't let that stop me from jumping on a plane for at least a few days.

  1. Berlin with the besties
  2. Lisbon with the other besties
  3. Reach my slimmers world target
  4. At least one 10km run
  5. Visit all of the Manchester secret/hidden bars
  6. New York and New Jersey and scrounge free accommodation off friends
  7. Go to at least one gig/comedy night every month in Manchester
  8. Finish the 30 day yoga challenge that I never completed in 2017
  9. Start my Manchester blog
  10. Make a decent souffle
  11. Wait until the new 26+ railcard is out and see friends in London 

Check out some of my previous lists and the millions of things I ticked off.

2016 Travel Resolutions

Peace out x

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