6 February 2016

My 2016 Travel Resolutions

2016 will be a year of different Travel Resolutions compared to my last three years of 2013, 2014 and 2015 as this year I am kinda not travelling. Travelling Gypsy Life has come to an end and I'm in the midst of job searching at the moment in the UK. The aim is to move and work in Manchester but someone is yet to hire me. But if all goes to plan and I actually have an income then these are the travel resolutions for this glorious year:

1. Go to Iceland and try to see the Northern Lights
2. Visit Edinburgh for the first time
3. Go to Glastonbury
4. Notting Hill Carnival
5. Book a ski trip for next year
6. Do a road trip around Ireland and get drunk on Guinness
7. Go to a Couchsurfing event/host Couchsurfers
8. Finish one of my French books
9. Get a job and move to Manchester
10. Do a Tough Mudder race

Hopefully I'll tick everything off which I've been unable to do in previous years as often my plans change, as anything could happen?

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