23 January 2017

Why I Haven't Blogged in Over One Year

When you travel on and off for three years then suddenly return home and go back to your part time job in a pub and live in your single bedroom in your parent's house, then what is there to write about? I recently had a job interview, which later very fortunately turned into a job offer, and the job spec asked me to speak about my social media experience and my skills in marketing. I wrote on my CV that I have my own travel blog and when the interviewer brought it up I felt embarrassed to discuss it as I haven't posted in so long. So now I not only feel the need to carry on writing and doing what I loved doing for three years, but I really want to get back into blogging (then I'll finally have something to speak about in interviews...)

Soooo.... what has happened since I arrived back to sunny England in December 2015? A fair bit but nothing really in relation to travel. I came back home and went back to my part time job in pub, a job which I had between travelling stints. I joined the gym, job searched and lazed around. In my second job application I did get an interview to be a Sales Specialist for a travel company in London specialising in South-East Asia. I thought to be well experienced having travelled throughout South-East Asia and I pretty much got told I had the job, only to then have the interviewer be ill last minute for my second interview, and in the meantime of rearranging my second interview they had already hired someone else... in a stubborn anger I said I wouldn't live in London and set my heart on Manchester and began the job search again. About a month later I got a job as an Account Manager in Didsbury, Manchester and moved over with my newly acquired boyfriend whom I had met in New Zealand just before my travelling had ended (perfect timing.)

And that was pretty much the year... moving to Manchester, starting a job and annoying my boyfriend on a regular basis. The past year hasn't included a great deal of travel due to a lack of funds and time. Turns out that moving house twice, buying a car and getting to the age where I attend hen dos and weddings doesn't come cheap. But I did go to Edinburgh, which had been on my list for years, I did a road trip around Ireland and have been back and forth many times as that's where my boyfriend is from, and I had a weekend in Paris. Not a lot of travelling compared to what I did over three years. But I still have my travelling lists and my aims for this year include Iceland and Cuba, which hopefully should all work out seeing as I have booked Iceland and I'm half looking at flights to Cuba.

So apart from the odd blog about the world, there will be a million others about Manchester as I have fallen in love with this city and I'm such a fatty that there are a million restaurants to rave and write about.

Peace out as ever x

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