28 January 2017

My 2017 Travel Resolutions

Another year, another list of travel resolutions. A bit more difficult when working the old 9-5 but that should never stop you from travelling. However, my list focuses on more life things these days than just travel but its still good to have aims for the year.

Update December 2017 - I barley completed anything on my list and a lot of them were very achievable, such as go to Oldham which is a 20 minute drive from where I live. Hopefully 2018 will see more accomplishments...
  1. Iceland
  2. Cuba - hoping September time - I had booked it, I had planned it, then devastatingly Hurricane Irma hit and Cuba this year was not meant to be
  3. Learn how to make decent bread - not even tried. But I did learn how to make macarons...
  4. Wimbledon
  5. Go to a dance class
  6. 30 day yoga challenge
  7. Get a new job (already done :D )
  8. Finish one Harry Potter book in French
  9. Go to Oldham
  10. Go to a football game
  11. Volunteer
  12. Go the the Lake District
  13. Weekend away with the bffs
Check out all my other lists and the millions of things I didn't bother to tick off.
Peace out x

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