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Backpack Becky is my travel blog aimed to entertain and inspire those who love to travel and those who are forever living out of their backpacks. If you're on a budget, strapped for cash or willing to spend more on beer than accommodation, then you've come to the right place. 

This blog used to be separated into general articles and posts offering advice, inspiration and general need to know info on the places I have travelled. Travelling Gypsy Life was my day to day diary of what I got up to, but now I'm back in the 'real world' we'll see if Gypsy Life does continue...

Who are you?

I'm a 28 year old traveller/backpacker/gypsy. I'm from Leeds in the UK and I have a passion for travelling and exploring that big wide world out there! I first got the travel bug in 2010 when my two best friends and I backpacked around Hong Kong, Vietnam and Cambodia.

Since then, I have interrailed it around Europe around a few times, skied around the world and lived abroad. In 2012 I quite my marketing/sales job in the UK and packed my far too large backpack and moved to Japan for one year. Firstly, I worked in a ski resort serving drunk Australians and Japanese at a bar. Then I taught English in Osaka for seven months.

After twelve months in the land of Hello Kitty, I then moved to France, just outside of Paris, to be an au pair in order to learn French quickly.

Then, back in November 2014 I packed my oversized bag again to do another stint in south-east Asia and then five months through the east coast of Australia with Helpx and Couchsurfing. I did want to go to the west coast but I accidentally overstayed my visa so I'm now banned from Australia for three years...

Then, I flew over to New Zealand and did a ten week stint working on a dairy farm which pretty much killed me. Then I road tripped around the north and south island searching for hobbits and exploring the incredible landscape that this Kiwi country has to offer.

Where next?

Unfortunately, travelling gypsy life had to come to an end in December 2015 as I headed back to the UK and started the fun task of looking for a job. I'm now working and living in Manchester and pretty much loving life. The old blog has taken a bit of a standstill as I'm sure nobody wants a million and one posts about Manchester, but even though I've joined the dreaded real world it won't stop me using up all of my weekends and holidays to travel, so gypsy life hasn't fully ended afterall :)

Where to next?

- January 2019 - The Caribbean

- Autumn 2019 - New York or Canada

- 2020 - Borneo

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