19 June 2013

Travelling Gypsy Life Entry 20

Rainy seasons hit, storms a coming, I don't have the right shoes blah blah. For what everyone told me was going to happen about a month ago has happened, the rainy season is upon us. It isn't that big of news yet as it's only the first day, so maybe hear me moan even more in a few weeks time? But moaning aside I've had an awesome few weeks including the likes of beer, karaoke, sight seeing and teaching more bratty children. A few weeks ago I stopped the high life of teaching for a night and went to the Belgian Beer Festival in Osaka, which got me a new glass! Cherry beer, sangria beer, you name it.

Then me and Em Dawg ventured to Wakayama to die of heat even more. A two hour train ride later we got to Wakayama and realised we didn't really know where to go and just spent the day sweating. Such a sexy look.

Last few days have included celebrating Mel's birthday and crying at her departure. We did Justin Bieber karaoke, 200yen cocktails, juggling Koreans until 5am, then went to my favourite falafel place! I also got to go to a really beautiful waterfall restaurant where you catch your own noodle from bamboo shoots. Totally surreal experience, and pretty much only one you'd expect from a typical day in Japan.

Going to go find some wellies or a boat.
Peace out x

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