31 March 2013

Travelling Gypsy Life Entry 14

Happy Easter to all! Having such a good Easter Sunday today with Emily, which is mainly due to the food I'm eating as usual. Yesterday saw the arrival of two packages from my besties, one included tons of creme eggs, hair dye and a puzzle book and the other included the way to my heart, fat food.

I made Emily and myself some roast potatoes and carrots, smothered with Bisto gravy, and now I'm drinking Tetleys tea with some creme eggs, loving life! Apart from food, the last few days have consisted of Emily and I being bored, learning Japanese and trying to clean the apartment. Today is our last full day in Hakuba and it is still hasn't really hit me that we're leaving tomorrow. We had a goodbye meal on Friday night for Michael and Nate which was nice. We went along to the Mexican Uncle Stevens, which was met with great attire.

So that's basically it on what I've been upto on my last few days in Echoland. Goodbye Hakuba, you've been amazing and I've had such an amazing time here, and I've met the greatest of people! I refuse to say goodbye to a lot of the people I've met as I plan to see them all in Straya so we can have a few shrimps on the barbie. I'll leave on a happy note before I attempt to start packing my life into what now seems the smallest backpack in the world! Although quite excited to leave as we go to Tokyo tomorrow to be reunited with Sam and Tyler, but mainly I'm excited because we're going to Disneyland on Tuesday! Hope you're all spending your day getting fat on chocolate like me! Happy Easter to all!

Laters for now, see you in Tokyo for chapter 2 of my travelling gypsy life.
Peace out x

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