25 March 2013

Travelling Gypsy Life Entry 13

So it's coming up to the last week of Hakuba life and a lot has happened. So many people have left this week including my bestie Liz, a tonne of other people and my roomie Sam! So just Emily and myself left, oh so we thought...Michael is now moving in so girls night will happen every night! Last night was my last ever shift at work. It's been really dead this week but last night picked up and it was a good shift to finish on, except from a broken beam and a lot of broken lights from some bogan doing the Harlem Shake. I took a few memorable pictures of me clocking out for the last time, moving.

Also got some pics of me and ma gurrrllllssss. Such amazing people, so pretty sad to see Sam and Liz go but meeting up with Sam in a week to go to Disneyland! And meeting up with Liz in a few weeks to go to Spa World, so not all bad.

Finallllllyyy, our bosses took us for a farewell meal yesterday at an amazing Japanese restaurant. Really authentic Japanese with sliding paper doors, some kind of urn teapot beach thing and some amazing food. The restaurant also had a kind of bar in the middle where you just helped yourself to drinks, so pretty much loving life right now!

Tonight will be the last ever night at the Bush Bar where my boss literally said bring all your friends and you guys have to drink the bar dry for free, so I'm already scared for waking up tomorrow.
Peace out x

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