7 April 2013

Travelling Gypsy Life Entry 15

One week of being in Tokyo and I'm having the best of weeks! Seen so much already, been to some amazing places and yet I still have another four days here! The first day was me, Emily and Sam trekking round Tokyo to the Imperial Palace which was one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. We're lucky enough to be in Tokyo during Sakura which is the cherry blossom season. The cherry blossoms only last for a few weeks, if that, in certain places in Japan so pretty much winning by been able to experience them. The Imperial Palace gardens were huge! They had some gorgeous photo opportunities, which with my fantastic photo skills, makes some pretty sick pictures.

After the Imperial Palace we went to Harajuku which was incredible! Shopping heaven, but it was raining at the time so couldn't see as much as I wanted to so me and Emily are going back tomorrow. Harajuku had the typical Western shops like H&M, Forever 21 and Topshop, but also some really quirky Japanese fashion stores, and incredibly dressed Japanese girls to match.

The next day was saying bye to Sam, and once again leaving just two of us in Japan (apart from Tyler who is our landlord for the two weeks). Me and Emily went to Akihabara which is the electronics town. Tonnes of arcades, full of middle aged men, which my friend tells me makes more money than the Japanese car manufacturing industry! Not surprised to be honest as these gaming arcades are everywhere and pretty huge. After the electronics town we went to Tokyo Skytree and Senoji Temple which is one of the biggest temples in Tokyo I believe. We also got told off by a Japanese policeman for jay-walking. fun.

Thursday was the best day everrrrrrrrr! DISNEYLAND! We decided to go to Disney Sea which is Disneyland Tokyo's second park. Was really busy as it's school holidays at the moment, so a lot of teens dressed in Disney clothing, and really going all out for Disney! It was a hot day with a lot of running around to make sure we got on all the rides we wanted to. Twelve hours later and I didn't want to leave, and we didn't manage to get on everything that we hoped but it was still an amazing day. We saw Mr Incredible, Thumper, some chipmunks and some other creature. 

The last few days have involved going round Yokohama and the towns where Tyler lives. We did a bit of shopping on Friday and Saturday then went to Tyler's navy base which was interesting and a lot of fun. Went to the American store on base and bought fat American foods and cereal. more winning.

Last night me, Tyler and his friend partied in Shibuya. The night started off walking in the rain to a German bar, which was ridiculous as it hasn't rained this bad in a long time. Clothes soaking wet, and pretty tired, I didn't want to party as I knew we had to stay out until the first train at 5:30, but forced out and I had an awesome time. I met some professional Austrian skiers, which Tyler says they were just telling me in order to pull....but pretty awesome at the same time.

Over and out for now. Pretty busy week and so much more to do next week. 
Peace out x

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