5 July 2015

My 7 Greatest Moments on the Australian East Coast

It's always hard to pinpoint your most favourite times when you've had an incredible time travelling. But when I travelled up the east coast of Australia, I'm pretty sure these seven points were some of the most unforgettable times I had.

1. Seeing the Blue Mountains

When I first saw the Blue Mountains I could not believe how beautiful they were. Bright green mountains as far as the eye could see, but yet with an eerie and beautiful blue haze over everything, hence the name, the Blue Mountains. This area was one of my favourites on the Australian east coast as I have a love for nature, greenery and walking. There are other great mountains and great walks in Australia, but they don’t compare to these beasts! It’s also kind of difficult to believe this much lush greenery can be just two hours west of Sydney. 

2. Mullumbimby spirit festival

When I was in Byron Bay I was lucky enough to be doing a Helpx with a woman who owned a yoga centre. During my time with in Byron Bay the Mullumbimby Spirit Festival was taking place, and my Helpx host had let out her yoga centre for the festival, therefore I got to work as a volunteer and go to the festival for free. This festival was a real trippy experience. The hippiest thing I have ever experienced and it was incredible. The festival provided a range of yoga classes, dance classes, spiritual talks, and spiritual awakenings blah blah. A lot of the talk at the festival went over my head, such as how we’re all connected by Mother Nature and all that jazz. But the festival was such a free place and everyone there just seemed to love life and nothing could get them down. So an incredible experience overall, and something I never would have experienced at home.

3. Sleeping in the jungle in the Daintree Rainforest

My last trip in Aus was to the Daintree rainforest, which I’ve written about in a whole shiny post by itself. But in short, I loved the Daintree! I got to do another Helpx there which involved helping out at an accommodation business with little cabins tucked away in the forest. I was awoken each morning by a million and one noises from tropical birds, lizards, frogs and other animals I don’t even know the name of. I got to see the very rare bird, the cassowary, and I got to experience rainforest life, which not everyone gets to do when they’re travelling on the east coast of Australia.

4. Driving the Great Ocean Road

They say the Great Ocean Road in Victoria is one of the best drives in the world. I haven’t been on many of the ‘Greatest Drives in the World’ so I can’t judge too fairly but this drive was pretty spectacular. I went on a ride with some people I met from Couchsurfing, and we drove from central Melbourne to the twelve apostles. The road goes all the way to Adelaide but I heard it’s only worth driving to the twelve apostles. The views of the ocean and the beaches were beautiful on this drive and I saw my first wild koala on the way. Definitely worth at least a day of your time.

5. Waterfall hoping in Northern Tropical Queensland

I couldn’t quite believe the vast diversity of landscape in Northern tropical Queensland. I went on a road trip from the Whitsundays to Cairns and just after Townsville the landscape changed to feature thousands and thousands of banana and sugar cane farms and beautiful tropical trees. Tons of palm trees and a luscious green landscape to match. This area also comes with plenty of waterfalls, springs, creeks etc. etc. Therefore, one of my best times on the east coast was waterfall hoping around Cairns to the likes of Josephine falls, Mila Mila falls (where I believe they film the Herbal Essence adverts), Babinda boulders and so many more. All of which are available to swim and frolic in, so rent a car and take at least day to explore this vast state.

6. Scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef

Diving the Great Barrier Reef goes without saying as being an amazing experience if travelling through Australia. The GBR was one of the main reasons I wanted to visit Australia all those years ago, and I’m glad I got to tick it off the list. There are tons of dive companies, boat charters and snorkel cruises that go out onto the reef, and I’d heard its best to go as far out to the outer reef as possible. Whether you dive or simply snorkel, you’ll still see a variety of tropical fish, and you won’t be disappointed. Even expect a few turtles and of course plenty of Nemos and Dorys.

7. Catching up with my besties 

One of the reasons I wanted to visit Australia was to catch up with many of the friends I had met around the world. I was lucky enough to be able to catch up with my friends and stay at their houses in Melbourne, Brisbane and the Gold Coast. It made my last few years of travelling seem even better as I was able to pick up where I left up with many of the friends that I hadn’t seen for a few years. Plus it’s always great when you can meet a friend’s family and their friends and see them as themselves in their home towns. My trip wouldn’t have been the same without my local Aussie buddies.

What are your best Australia experiences? Did you become bffs with a kangaroo? Cause that’s pretty unforgettable.

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