27 June 2015

Travelling Gypsy Life Entry 41

Shiny new update of my life. So much has happened since my last Travelling Gypsy Life post. I’m now in New Zealand, and I’m also banned from Australia for three years… but more about that in a minute.
Since I last updated the old diary, I have spent two weeks in Cairns exploring all that this city has to offer. I found actual Cairns city centre not too impressive as its backpacker central and there isn’t a beach in Cairns, so who lied about that one? But around the area there is masses to do and see, but you’re pretty screwed without a car. So, one of the days Yuki and I rented a car and did a waterfall trail around the area and got freezing cold in a few falls.

Another day I completed one of my life goals and ticked off one of the main reasons that I came to Australia, and I scuba dived in the Great Barrier Reef! It was a pricey adventure but incredible at the same time and I saw a million and one fish, but no sharks unfortunately. There were plenty of Nemos and some Dorys, so pretty happy that I was able to dive the GBR whilst I was in Cairns.

After my stint in Cairns I went up to the Daintree Rainforest, and had one of my best times in Australia. I was doing another Helpx at an accommodation business, The Rainforest Hideaway, which is pretty much a few cabins in the middle of the jungle. Within a few hours of being there, I saw a cassowary, who I named Bert. I also saw two cassowaries who were a couple, and also greedy buggers. So much wildlife, and think green rainforest in this area, that I recommend the Daintree as one of the top places to see on the east coast of Australia.

After the Daintree I flew out of Australia, and I found out that I never had a year’s long tourist visa as I was led to believe, instead I only had a three month visa and I’d actually outstayed my welcome for two months. So now I’m banned from Australia for three years… which has affected my overall plans as I was planning to go to Western Australia after New Zealand, but oh well, I can do that in three years… So now I’m in New Zealand and I've been here almost two weeks and seen a hell of a lot already. I bought a car and went on a months road trip around the North Island. But first I stayed with Liv in Auckland and pretty much ate a lot of cake.

Can't say I don't treat the old gal. But after my stint of eating a lot of cake I jumped in my car and went around the Coromandel Peninsular and saw some incredible views and went to a hot water beach, where you dig your own hole and have really hot water. 

And now I'm on a dairy farm for the week doing Helpx, and I'm pretty sure its one of the best Helpx experiences I've had so far. Milking cows, feeding calves, driving a quad, just all in a days work really

Any finallyyyyyyyyyy, yesterday I had one of the best days EVER and went to the Hobbiton movie set. Man alive, what a great day! We did a two hour tour around the set from the Hobbit and it was pretty damn magical. I want to live there please, although I'm too tall for the houses but I'm willing to crawl.

Peace out for now Kiwis x 

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