29 September 2013

Have you Ever Backpacked Because of a Movie?

(Mont St Michel, France. Inspiration for Minas Tirith in Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers)

I always wonder where people get the inspiration on where to backpack and travel to. Hopefully if you're reading this, then you rely on travel blogs for inspiration. Some people listen to friends stories, but I think a lot of people get their inspiration from movies or TV shows.
There are many movies which have inspired my travels and made me want to go to certain places. A recent destination on my travel to-do list is Gunkan Jima, which is an old mining island off the south coast of Japan. A lot of Japanese people question why I want to visit such a place, and I say because it featured in the latest James Bond film, Skyfall. So I thought I'd list a few other places I've visited and want to visit which have been inspired from movies.

Halong Bay

Another James Bond inspiration. I didn't go to Vietnam just to visit Halong Bay just because of James Bond, but I still was very excited to go when I watched Tomorrow Never Dies. James Bond swirls around in a jet-ski and shows just how beautiful this Vietnamese paradise is. The film shows the bay with a sense of eeriness which only added to the appeal in my opinion. I may not have ventured round in a jet-ski when I was there but I could appreciate what the film offered this great beauty.


Of course from the Sound of Music. When I went interrailing I noticed that Austria was on our destination list so I didn't pass up the chance to visit Salzburg. If it wasn't for the Sound of Music I don’t think I would have visited this town, and I'm so glad I did. Apart from sightseeing round the locations in the film, this city has a great deal more to offer than just the Sound of Music references. There is a true Austrian charm here and it turned out to be  one my favourite cities in Europe. I yodeled, sang Sound of Music songs and pretended to be Julie Andrews for a few days. A place that was definitely inspired by a film.

St Petersburg

A favourite VHS from my childhood is the movie Anastasia. Even since watching this movie from a young age I've had an interest in the Romanovs, Rasputin and St Petersburg. The film made St Petersburg look mystical, beautiful and full of interesting history, and I've wanted to go the minute I laid eyes on the palace. If it wasn't for this movie I really don't think I would want to visit this great Russian city, but now I just want to a grab a fur hat, some vodka and learn all about the Romanovs!


The Mummy is another one of my favourite films, an unrealistic guilty pleasure of a movie. There are many myths and stories surrounding the ancient Egyptians, which are brought to life in this film. The Mummy tells a story about a cursed priest who was mummified in the pyramids of Giza and who came back to life to destroy the world. Doubt any of that will happen on my trip but this film has only grown my curiosity for the pyramids and the secrets they have to offer.

Driving down the east coast of America

I dream that one day I can grab a Cadillac, put on some 80’s tunes and drive down the east coast of America, stopping off in hillbilly towns and eating in diners. This obsession of a trip has grown with the film Thelma and Louise. Even though this film centres around two women who are driving through America to escape the police after a murder they committed, their adventure still inspires me. Murder and police aside, this is the kind of trip I want. They have an open top car and drive through sandy, empty roads in America which I would love to do. All I need now is a friend willing to join my journey, a Cadillac and a mix tape of 80’s tunes.


A place that is inspired from many movies and TV shows. The likes of the OC, Boogie Nights and my biggest inspiration Lord of Dogtown. All I want to do is grab some skates or a board and skate down Broadwalk and go surfing in Venice beach. 

What movies have broken your purse and inspired your backpacking trips?

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