24 January 2013

Travelling Gypsy Life Entry 8

Not blogged in ages, mainly because my internet and my laptop are shit and slow, but anywayyyyyy news of the week is that I finally ventured out of Echoland, even though the nightlife here is cray....On my last day off me and my Aussie bezzie Liz got our gladrags on (shorts, which I wear every day off), drank our vodka, listened to more Kanye and walked to Happo Village to see what the main town has to offer. We had to take a map which didn't even help especially when I was stood outside the bar of choice still trying to figure out which direction we had to go in.

First bar of the night, Beach Bar. A bar I'd wanted to go to for a while now, but honestly it didn't live up to too much. Cute little place although pretty quiet, much like the whole of Hakuba, however the cocktails were nice and we played darts. As I'm an arrogant bitch I thought I was amazing at darts, turns out you can't get much worse than me and it's pretty embarrassing to have Liz beat everyone even when playing with her crippled arm...

Moving on from the Beach Bar were two bars that I can't remember the names of. This seemed to be a trend of the night as spent all night with a set of guys whom the next day I couldn't remember their names or faces when they came to the Bush Bar, awkward. The third bar had a fuseball table, where yet again I stated just how much of a pro I was and yet I couldn't hit the ball. Sweeeetttt night in Happo, even though it was strangely quiet and I had a killer of a hangover the next day.

Fun times all around, peace out x

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