26 January 2013

Travelling Gypsy Life Entry 9

Here is a food update for you and what others would consider food porn... First up is the amazing Indian restaurant Hindia Momo just in Mizuho. Me and Liz went a few weeks ago on our day off and at first we read some bad reviews but we went and loved it. Not too far from the main villages and it wasn't expensive, plus it's one of the few Indian restaurants in Hakuba.

Secondly, is the amazing Roots Cafe in Wadano. The only vegetarian cafe in Hakuba and it's got great reviews. I've heard from tons of meat eaters that the food is amazing and I went the other day and had a 'rasta wrap' and almost died at how good it was.

Thirdly, is Little Alaskan. A small burger hut/cabin on the main road off Echoland. I'd walked past a few times and saw that they did a mushroom burger so I was obvs keen. Although much to my anger, when me and Liz ordered the mushroom burgers it turned out to be a beef burger with mushrooms on top... angry to say the least but also not the only person to make this mistake so I hear.

Peace out x

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