4 January 2013

Travelling Gypsy Life Entry 4

I turned to the dark side a few days ago and switched my delightful orange and blue skies for a sweeeettttt snowboard:

Apparently I'm left foot forward, no idea if that is the goofy side as some called it. Had my first lesson with a babe of a Japanese woman. She was pretty awesome, but my snowboarding was not. It was knackering and I deck it every time I get off the lift. However, Liz decked it off the lift whilst carrying her snowboard, so at least I'm not that retarded...First lesson over and I hit my head, bit my lip and got angry, but overall I did ok. Was then forced to go out today for the 10am bus. Painful as getting up was I'm really glad I went. Massively improved, although still can't turn and still can't get off the lifts. Furthermore, my last few days have been pretty sweet. Had to say my first goodbyes of the season to these beauts:

Awesome night out ending in a lost shoe, broken camera, pen on face and cream in hair. Bye bye Corona loving Aussies, bye bye American navy people who have weird stories of Taco Bell and setting gardens on fire. It's been amazing so far so hopefully even more amazing people will come too.

Peace out x

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