2 January 2013

Travelling Gypsy Life Entry 3

Happy New Year! New Years eve in Japan sounds amazing, maybe not if you're working in an English bar with drunk Aussies and Americans:

Not that I'm complaining about being in Japan and working at the bar, but New Years eve wasn't what I expected it to be. Working 5pm until 3am was so yawn, and very busy, especially when two fights break out and someone punches a window, but hey, that's how we roll at the bush bar. Apart from a busy and eventful day at work I met a ton of people, some sweetpeas, some not, but overall a good new years, just not the best.

Of course after work then saw Club Rage, not only the worst club known to man but also the quietest. A few drinks and pretzels later saw 6am and bedtime. Not much drank, bottles of champagne left in the room for another night, but got to celebrate the turn of a new year in a foreign country with pervy Aussies, Canadians and Americans, win. Roll on 2013, so far it's been incredible :D

Peace out x

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