26 December 2012

Travelling Gypsy Life Entry 1

A week and a half after quitting my life in the UK I'm becoming very accomsted to the Japanese way of life and what my new routine has to offer. So far, I have learnt that it's polite to slurp your noodles, it's rude to jab your chopsticks into your food, and that my apartment comes furnished with toilet slippers. That's right, slippers for the toilet. I'm not on the toilet in these pictures by the way, just thought I would fashion them for the likes of the post.

Almost two weeks into Nihon life Emily, Sam and Liz (my roomies) and I have found ourselves quite apt to the Japanese lifestyle  However, the cold isn't for me. Moaning the first few nights with lack of heater led me to moan even more to my boss, hence now toasting my toes in front of a new heater. Furthermore, moaning to my boss that my hairdryer broke then led to a new free hairdryer. Moaning does get you what you want in Japan, hence why this is my kind of place.

Met some characters at the bar I work at this week (Bush Bar by the way....). Met a fair few Aussies, Americans, several army/military folk that won't discuss Area 51 with me, and also a few Swedish folk who joined in singing Eurovision with me. Overall, the first few weeks are proving amazing. Although I'm fat on Japanese cake and egg sandwiches as that's all my boss can understand to feed me. 

Peace out x! 

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