27 December 2012

Travelling Gypsy Life Entry 2

There is a reason why they call it the best powder in the world in Japan. My first day of skiing took me by surprise. I've not skied for 8 months, which isn't too long in the ski world I've found since talking to other people. I pretty much took to the snow like a polar bear to snow? A fat polar bear. The ski runs here don't look too big from a map point of view but once I was up on the mountain I completely lost my bearings as the range is much better than I first thought. The snow here is fluffy, powdery and amazing! Anyone that complains about this snow just can't be pleased. Plus, snow like this isn't only up the mountain but all over Echoland and Hakuba. Apparently the snow is quite light at the moment as well...

Peace out snow bunnies x

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