16 April 2015

Travelling Gypsy Life Entry 39

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged a travelling gypsy life post, but hopefully you can see that I’ve updated my whole blog and that I now ramble about other stuff than just what I get up to everyday. But as my mum mentioned that she’s not aware of what I’m up to day to day, then here is an update of my gypsy life in Australia. So since my last post I’ve ticked off two states in Aus, and now I’m on my third. After Portsea, I spent just under two weeks on French Island, which is a big island in south Victoria, that has a lot of koalas and that’s about it… it would have been a bit dull if it wasn’t for the other helpers who were staying as well (who were actually all French). We did have a blast and we helped out at a wedding during our stay and got to see a ton of koalas.

After French Island, I caught a plane to Sydney and couchsurfed for a couple of days. Sydney didn’t impress me that much and I did all the typical tourist stuff such as seeing the Opera House, Harbour Bridge and all the parks but overall it is just a big tourist city and I think I’m spolit by European cities so Sydney didn’t seem too incredible to me.

Buttttt, after Sydney I headed to the Blue Mountains to stay with another family and it has been my favourite place in Australia so far! The family were incredible I stayed with and I felt really at home instantly, with was helped with the wine, champagne and beer offered everynight. The family lived within walking distance to the amazing mountains and these pictures do not do it justice. I also saw two snakes when I was. There were both dead, but that’s not the point.

After the Blue Mountains I got a night Greyhound bus to Byron Bay with a bunch of other British backpackers. Man alive, we’re an annoying bunch. So glad I’m not staying in hostels here with gap year kids. Anywhoooooo I stayed with another family just outside of Byron Bay in Brunswick Heads and they were also incredible. These families expect no work from me which is a win, then they feed me so much and so far I’ve been getting my own huge room, and in Brunswick Heads I also had my own lounge and bathroom. Byron Bay was a blast, even though it was super hot and I hated on life when I walked to the lighthouse and melted along the way. But the beach in Brunswick was super chilled and I built up my tan. I also took some surf lessons and I’m shit so that potential hobby is out of the window.

I also went to the Spirit Festival in Mullumingby as the mum of the family owns a yoga centre. A super trippy weekend (not in the drug sense) but everyone at the festival was really spiritual and talking shizz about mother earth and the energy from the moon, and it only seemed to be whom was looking confused and not really buying any of it. But so glad I got to go to the festival and I did a bunch of dance and yoga classes there, including Ecstatic Dance which I’m going to look into when I eventually move back home.

After Byron, I ventured to Brisbane to see my au pair bestie Kaylee. Such a blast to see her face and we had a great time in Brisbane and ventured round, ate lots and caught up on each other’s lives and how poor we are. We then drove to Yamba where Kaylee’s family live and I loved it there. Amazing beaches, weather which was the perfect temp and an amazing family who brought me so much chocolate over Easter! Such a whale now though in my bikini on the beach with a million and one Easter eggs. 

Finallyyyyy, after Yamba I headed to the Gold Coast to see my Nihon buddy Mel! The Gold Coast is like the Essex of Australia, so I finally put make up and got dressed up for a night out. So far I’m loving the Gold Coast, and so glad to see my Mellow. A host who feeds me red wine and cooks for me every night, what more could a gypsy ask for? We headed to the Tambourine Mountains one day and then to Springbook National Park which was beautiful and a great day out with fudge shops and wine tasting. Winning.

So just a short two month update... I've just arrived in Noosa now to stay with a family for a week or so then gradually making my way up the east coast with my giant backpack.

Peace out for now x

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