7 December 2013

Travelling Gypsy Life Entry 26

Moved out of my beloved apartment in Bentencho and now back in the hostel in the ghetto. I don't care for the ghetto, especially when I have to move out every other night because of my various travels. These past few weeks have been a big Christmas mix of going to the Christmas market, leaving my jobs, moving apartments, going to Hiroshima and getting drunk. Lets kick things off with just how Christmassy Osaka has become!

A mix of mulled wine and gingerbread means trips which last five hours. Not complaining. Last weekend saw another trip to the German market but with my broski Andrew! More mulled wine then a trip to the Asahi beer brewery, which offers a free tour and three free beers at the end. Man alive, what a happy place.

Thennnnnn, I took a really good trip to Hiroshima for a few days. Hiroshima is a great city and I'm really glad I went. I couchsurfed for the first time which was a success! Met a really nice guy who showed me around the city and to some good bars, even a bar which was a big bed. Whilst in Hiroshima I went to the Peace Memorial park and the A-Bomb Dome, not quite a delightful day but really humbling and interesting. 

Then I took a trip to Miyajima which was pretty, but not a great deal to do. Back to Osaka now for a few days in the hostel, although no hostel for this evening because its fully booked, so I'm just going to roam the streets of my city... South Korea on Monday and a trip to the North Korean border, excited much. Not long left now, waaaaaaaaa. See you when I'm out of the ghetto.

Peace out elfs x

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