3 November 2013

Travelling Gypsy Life Entry 25

Haven't done a great deal of eventful things these past few weeks, except hand in my notice at one of my English schools and had another mother-of-god hangover. As it was Halloween recently, I dragged out every English lesson I had telling them about Halloween.  

However, now it is time to explain Bonfire Night, which is hard to explain, "yeh, we celebrate the fact that a guy failed to blow up parliament, so now we burn him on a fire" we sound like sickos. Halloween in Japan was cray and amazing at the same time! I highly failed on the costume front, I'm so disappointed with myself, but others didn't! Liz, her sister and I spent the night in America-mura in Shinsaibashi and got drunk. The mother-of-god hangover was on Sunday, and on the way to work (kill me now!)

In other news I've spent the past week doing a bit of sightseeing and waiting for the leaves to change colour. Autumn is a very beautiful time in Japan, and everyone seems to be excited to see the maple leaves, which should appear any week now. In a place called Minoo, they deep fry the maple leaves and put sugar on them. Yum and a heartattack at the same time.

I only have a short time left, and it's scaring me. I'm excited to finish teaching English, but scared to go home, but then again I'm excited to be in the land of cheese and wine (France...)

Peace out for now mes amis x

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