23 July 2013

Travelling Gypsy Life Entry 22

High school finished last week for the summer so I now have six weeks of not having to get up at 6:30 (just twice a week...) and not having to see girls giggle at me whilst in a stuffy classroom. Although it means I don't get paid for six weeks from the school so waaaaaa. But anyway, it's still crazy hot here, although I think it has cooled down to a mere 31 degrees recently, best get the jumpers out... Various things have happened in the past few weeks. Me and Emily were sick of melting in our apartment so for the day we took some stuff to a Royal Host cafe, where for 200yen it's all you can drink (just soft drinks, Japan isn't that generous) and we stayed there for about four hours getting unpleasant looks from the staff.

Last week also involved the Gion festival which was really busy, and honestly I couldn't see the fuss but at least I can tick it off my list now. This week there is another big festival, the Tenjin Boat Festival which is the third biggest festival in Japan I hear, so looking forward to that. Also, it's getting crazy close to my birthday, so I expect many a package to arrive soon...

Last week I went running loads, and melted more in the heat because I need to achieve my bikini body for Taiwan. Meeting Charlotte in three weeks, and sooooo excited! Bought some more summer clothes and a much needed hat to look cool....

Can't think of much else to report at the moment, except Emily and Liz are in Okinawa for a few days so I can walk round my apartment naked until Thursday, fun for all who notice I don't close my curtains. I'm spending my day replying to a lot of Au Pair requests, which is great news! Can't believe it's almost August and that I really need to start planning what to do next with my gypsy life.

Peace out for now, stay cool in the heat!

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