8 July 2013

Travelling Gypsy Life Entry 21

Haven't blogged for a while because I have officially melted into a coma. The weather is ridiculously hot in Japan, and the Japanese feel the need to go jogging in hats and gloves, this country still makes no sense to me. These past few weeks have included drinking, seeing more stuff and changing my life plans. New life plan is to become fluent in French, mainly so I can one day run Chanel, but also because I love the language. I thought at first to live in France so that I can be surrounded by cheese and wine, but now I think I'll move to Quebec and learn French there because it sounds wayyyy more interesting. So apart from changing my life plans, I've also been to Uji these past few weeks. Uji is green tea loving, basically pretty much every restaurant there serves green tea noodles, parfait and cake, pretty yum! And also a pretty city and can be found on the back of a 10yen coin.

I'm still going to school for the next few weeks but I'm not teaching, still not sure why, but reasons like my kids answer below may be the reason why. We were learning about smells, the core to any English fluency....and one kid wrote this:

So my teachings are taking a different turn...apart from stopping kids write creppy things I'm spending the next few weeks at school watching films on my laptop and sleeping. Today I was tired due to staying up until 2am for Wimbledon! Such a tense final but so happy that I'm celebrating with my fellow Brits tonight with beer. They might not be celebrating but I am. Today included a picnic with my gurls at Osaka Castle. Japan feels no need to have grass so we sat on an ants nest...

Not much has happened these past few weeks, except a trip to Hikone to see this fellow above, but the next few weeks is gonna be cray! Just booked all my flights for my Taiwan and Philippines trip and now I'm looking at a South Korea trip with Liz in September to jump the border.

Peace out for now, au revoir x

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