21 May 2013

Travelling Gypsy Life Entry 18

I've now settled into my new apartment and I'm settling in to my three new teaching jobs and planning where to travel next during the school holidays. Also, I'm trying to make the most of every day off by visiting every city in the Kansai area in my Rough Guide book and any recommended places to go via the internet. Last week led to Kobe. Liz and I trekked into the scorching hot weather (it really is so hot here) and went to Kobe, which I loved! It's a mix of metropolitan harbor life/Japanese little street and neon lights/and forest with waterfalls and hobbit style surroundings.

Such a beautiful place, and somewhere I'll definitely head back to as I missed the fashion museum and some kind of vegi cafe Liz had in mind. Further on the agenda is how incredible my new crib is. Got me a swanky pad with my homegirl and it's pretty amazing. We had everyone over from the hostel last week for drinks and nachos, even though it wasn't Mexican Monday... I was too busy eating to take pictures, so here is a slight view of the lounge and Bernard settling in to his new bed.

About to go for a run, have to wait until it's late as it's too hot to go at teatime. I've got a lot of work on this week due to some kind of training but then my favourite American is coming to visit (as well as Corey who is working hard to get me a job at Seaworld California)! Also planning a holiday from my holiday for the Summer to Taiwan and the Philippines with my homeslice Charlotte!

Peace out x

p.s. In Japanese schools the students are made to clean an hour after the lessons finish. I clock out before them. lols.

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