21 April 2013

Travelling Gypsy Life Entry 17

Sitting in my new little home in the prison like hostel in Osaka. To be fair my first impressions of this place have changed. When I first arrived at the £11 a night hostel I was not impressed. The corridors have prison like qualities and my first room was worrying. However, I had to move rooms, something to do with my booking, and I've made it into my own little pad:

So much crap and I'm contemplating on just living in this place to save having to move and pack all my shit together. In Kyoto I bought a 110 litre backpack and I still haven't managed to downsize much. Fail. Anyway, I'm now in my third city of my Japanese travelling gypsy life and it's going pretty sweet. I had an awesome time this week in Kyoto, where I spent just under a week of my time. However, due to the job search I've moved to Osaka for now as there are plenty more jobs, and ma gurls Emily and Liz are also here. However, I've got a job in Kyoto, but it only starts on two hours a week so not much to go by. 

The past week in Kyoto has been amazing! I didn't want to leave the place and I'd love to get a full time job there as it is such a beautiful city with many gardens, shrines and temples. It's pretty small as well so really easy to walk around. It was really sunny this week and I've even got a bit of a tan, even though that did initially start as sunburn... Overall I've done a hell of a lot in Kyoto and seen most of the main sites. I still need to see the Golden Pavilion which is actually probably the main site, but as Kyoto and Osaka are so close it's pretty easy to go back. Here are some of the beauts I've seen this week:


Bamboo Forest in Arashiyama


Nijo-jo Castle

Saw a ton of other temples, museums and general gardens, andddddd I got to catch up with Mel most nights to get fat and drunk, perfect friend. Pretty tired now, so just drinking wine with Emily whilst she writes a CV for the many jobs we're going to get....
Peace out for now x

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