17 March 2013

Travelling Gypsy Life Entry 12

Waaaaaaaaa, so I've spent the last 2 days in bed ill and dying. Sam has had a bad cough and flu the past few days and of course living in an apartment the size of a shoe, I of course caught this flu. I spent the last few nights at work by my lonesome as Sam was sick which was fine as I got to read an Orwell book that has so far taken me two years to read 50 pages buttttttt then on Friday night I started getting a cough and by the end of my work shift I was dying at the end of the bar with the worst headache known to man. So basically then spent the next night, day and night in bed (think I moved about 3 times) with flu and in so much pain. Don't come near our house, you may die as well as Emily has also started getting a man cough. Thought I would feel thin after no food for 2 days but noooooo and my man cough isn't even a sexy man cough, worst day everrrrr.

On the plus side I now have some crazy Japanese powder medicines. Who knows what they are. My mum advised me to Google it in case they weren't legitimate. So all in all my message of the day is if you're dying from flu then cry away as that bitch hurts. And my second message is prepare yourself from when you're over the flu as you're gonna want to eat the whole of the supermarket like I'm attempting today.

Peace out x

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