12 January 2013

Travelling Gypsy Life Entry 6

Two of the Bush bar regulars have departed the Japanese shores and returned home, crycry. Harry and Jack who graced us with their presence on Christmas Eve, outstayed their welcome and only just left yesterday. Got to say I miss them already with their consistent ways (one scotch and dry and a vodka soda lime), work just isn't quite the same without getting harassed and my accent having the piss taken out of it. Celebrated the last few nights with them by going to Tomatito, to get fat.

Top notch food and a sweetpea of a Japanese girl. Then of course in true Bush bar style, a leaving night of cocktails in a can, Baumrolls and taking the piss out of Jack. Ta'ra see you in August for Yorkshire puddings!

Let's not fuck about, peace out x

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